John Mancini

Global Digital Transformation Guru

Based in the United States, John Mancini is the President of Content Results and past President of AIIM. He was recently named by TechBeacon as one of the "13 Robotic Process Automation Experts you should follow". He is a well known author, keynote speaker and advisor on information management, digital transformation and intelligent automation. John is a frequent keynote speaker and author of more than 30 eBooks on a variety of information management topics. Can can be found on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook as @jmancini77.

At the Conference, John’s keynote presentation, “The Stairway to Digital Transformation” will focus on why organisations need better, rather than more systems. Focusing on the rising challenges of managing people, processes, and information, John will explain how organisations can overcome an increasingly complex set of transformation challenges and why they need to make information and business process automation a strategic priority rather than an afterthought.

Nik Healy

Digital Transformation Expert (Ireland)

Nik Healy is the Solutions Director of Convergent in Ireland and is widely regarded as one of Ireland's leading experts in the areas of Digital Transformation, Digital Business Strategies and business process automation. He has been involved in dozens of digital transformation projects for Irish, UK and European organisations and he provides advice and business analysis to organisations that are embarking on their Digital Transformation journey. Nik is a frequent speaker at events in Ireland and the UK.

At the Conference, Nik's presentation will initially focus on why most organisations make a common fatal error with their digital transformation strategy, an error that does not reduce paper dependency or deliver seamless business processes and ultimately results in significant wasted time and money. By highlighting this common pitfall, Nik puts organisations on the road to true digitalisation, one that reduces paper and email dependency and delivers seamless and automated digital processes.

Robbie Roberts

Generation Z Digital Native

Just like the other speakers on the day, Robbie has experience working on digital transformation projects and solutions. But unlike the other speakers on the day Robbie is a Generation Z Digital Native which means she understands a rapidly growing portion of your colleagues, employees, suppliers, partners and customers! This makes her insights both interesting and invaluable.

At the Conference, Robbie will bring a unique insight from the mindset of a Generation Z Digital Native and why Digital Transformation is no longer an option for any organisation, rather a prerequisite for business survival. Robbie’s presentation is bold but also highlights the reality facing all organisations today and in the near future. She will explain why the old model of manual processes, spreadsheets, paper and email does not, and will not work for her generation and why any digital transformation strategy needs to encompass and incorporate the instant access to all company information on any mobile device or application.

Niall McConnell

Finance & HR Automation Platform Specialist

Niall McConnell is from Convergent in Ireland and has an extensive experience working with Irish organisations in the areas of Finance and HR automation, areas that are typically burdened with manual and paper based processes that result in skilled, talented and sometimes well paid resources having to engage in no value tasks such as data entry rather than creating additional value for the organisation.

At the Conference, Niall’s presentation will focus on the digitalalisation and automation of the Finance and HR functions of the organisation and how a digital business platform can connect and automate all processes within the areas of finance and HR such as account payable, procurement, expenses and asset management for finance and recruitment, onboarding, induction and self service for HR but all the while connecting to other business critical systems such as accounts packages or ERPs, payroll, time management and other line of business systems.

Julien Berteraut

Digital Transformation Expert (France)

Julien Berteraut is a French Digital Transformation expert that specialises in advising the benefits of Digital Business Platforms for organisations to connect and automate current and ever-changing business processes.

At the Conference, Julien will present how investment in multiple systems may not be the correct digital strategy and how more systems can have an even more detrimental effect on the organisation and result in information being trapped, stifling productivity and disconnecting processes resulting in an ad-hoc patchwork of systems, processes and information leading to a worsening dependence on paper, email and manual processes. Julien will explain how Digital Business Platforms will ensure you avoid these pitfalls and put you on the path to true digitalisation.

Abby Brown

Digital Business Process Specialist

Abby Brown is from the United Planet Corporation based in Freiburg, Germany. United Planet has deployed digital workplace solutions for organisations such as Lufthansa, Santandar, TUI and hundreds of other German organisations.

At the Conference, Abby will focus on the area of business process automation and how the successful implementation of back and front end business processes plays a pivotal role in the overall performance of any organisation. She will elaborate on how these processes are more efficient and error free when they are automated and digital rather than paper based and manual as they create additional business capacity, increased productivity and transparency and reduced errors. Abby will also cover why business process automation is also a vital element in the area of Compliance.

Tim Waterton

Digital Transformation Expert (UK)

Based in the UK with M-Files Corporation, Tim Waterton has a vast experience working with UK based organisations to improve and digitalise their processes with innovative digital business solutions using digital business platforms. Tim has given presentations and Digital Workplace conferences in the UK and throughout Europe and this is his first time presenting in Ireland.

At the Conference, Tim’s presentation will centre around the journey to the digital workplace beginning with agility and customer focus. Tim will explain how thinking big but starting small is the cornerstone for any successful rollout. Tim’s invaluable and practical “nuts and bolts” insights will arm attendees with the tools on how their organisation can automate and connect processes, reduce software investments and costs, save time and create value from existing resources and importantly, foster and encourage innovation from colleagues and employees.

Lars Matzerath

Digital Transformation Expert (Germany)

With over 20 years of software experience in Canada, USA and latterly in Germany, Lars Matzerath brings a wealth of knowledge to the Digital Workplace Ireland Conference 2020 attendees.

At the Conference, Lars will focus on what’s driving the change behind digital transformation and why organisations who fail to change will be left behind. Lars’ session will explain why an accelerating wave of information and increasing demands from customers, employees and compliance is washing over business and how the enormous business benefits and competitive advantage of Artificial Intelligence is only possible for organisations that are truly digital in terms of their processes, information and users.

Customer Experience Speakers

Helen Bray

CFO, Egis Projects Ireland

Helen Bray is the Chief Financial Officer of Egis Projects Ireland. Egis Projects is Ireland’s leading organisation in operating and maintaining infrastructure such as the Dublin Port Tunnel, the Midlink M7/M8 and the Jack Lynch Tunnel.

At the conference Helen will give a valuable insight into her experience and journey as an end user that is at the forefront of implementing their organisations digital transformation strategy. Helen will take part in an audience Q&A session when she will field questions about the strategy that is being implemented, how it was evaluated and chosen, why they began the journey in the finance department, the business case, the budget and return on investment, the successes, the mistakes, the future plans and her top tips. The end user session is arguably the most valuable element of the day as it gives a practical and unique insight from the perspective of the attendee.

Enda Martin

Head of IT, Windsor Motor Group

Enda Martin is the Head of IT for Windsor Motor Group in Ireland. Established in 1964, Windsor has been supplying new and used cars to the Irish public from one of their 23 nationwide locations.

At the conference Enda will give a valuable insight into Windsor Motors digital transformation journey to date which includes solutions for Finance, HR and Operations. Enda will take part in an audience Q&A session when he will field questions specifically around project(s) rollout and change management, considerations that were especially important given the long established nature of the Windsor business processes. Enda will cover areas such as project phases, starting small but thinking big and the reasons for their focus on achieving the highest user adoption rates for all users. The end user session is arguably the most valuable element of the day as it gives a practical and unique insight from the perspective of the attendee.